The KenKen Exam

One fine day, last year Pishi came back home from school with a small book in his hand. It was a book about KenKen puzzles. KenKen also known as Inkies, Mathdoku, Calcudoku, and Web Kendoku. KenKen is a puzzle created by Tetsuya Miyamoto a Japanese Mathematics teacher. Each Inky puzzle has only one unique solution. Till that date, I... Continue Reading →

Ramesh – the slow eater

In 2010, we had our second baby, a girl whom I call Ramesh. When the nurse gave me the baby in my arms it was an amazing experience - she looked like a pink juicy tomato. She had spent the complete 9 months in her mom's womb unlike Pishi who was born 20 days premature... Continue Reading →

Another day in my life!

Hello! This is an extension of the introduction post. I live in the Garden city or whatever is left of it. People call it the Silicon Valley of India - and no wonder, you see sand (silica) scattered all over the place in the city. This can be attributed to the countless, greedy, despicable builders... Continue Reading →

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