The Birthday Cake

Last week on the 7th of August, we celebrated Dya’s (my wife’s) birthday. I never celebrated any of my birthdays until I got married – at least I never cut a cake until then. But the last 10 years, we celebrate each family member’s birthday with a cake and the usual birthday song. Dya started this trend ever since the first year of our marriage. The most exciting part of the birthday of course is the cake and its composition. The kids love chocolate. We got chocolate cake for the last two birthdays and I personally wanted a change for this one.

Dya was out of town on the 6th of August. So the kids and I went to Chef Bakers to hunt for the cake. There were really colorful ones there – pink, white, chocolate, yellow, even green! As usual, the kids started staring wide eyed at all the cakes as if they would eat them with their eyes. This is the normal routine. On reaching the cake and pastry shop, they start gazing at the cakes – passer-by’s may feel these kids have never seen any cakes in their life.

The last birthday’s delicacy ‘Death By Chocolate’ was also there. Ramesh wanted the same one again. Pishi wanted an orange colored cake which looked yummy too. Then my eyes fell on a creamy light brown colored cake. The guy at the counter informed me that it was a Rocky Road cake. It was expensive too. There were jellies and lot of nuts and dry fruits loaded on it. It looked moist and we could have finished it then and there.


I asked the kids for approval. The first question was if it has chocolate and I concurred that it did. We asked the shop person to write the birthday wish on the rectangular chocolate slab on the top of the cake. Pishi and Ramesh immediately staked their claim on the chocolate slab.

This is how it looked when the candles were lit.


AAI means mom – that is to wish a happy birthday from the kids to their mother. Eagerly we waited for the clock to strike 12:00 so that we could enjoy the delicious cake.

That is all for today…chow

Cu2mrw 😉



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