The Untimely Rooster

I stay very near to the school which my kids go to. Its a hop skip and jump to school. Between the school and my home is an empty plot of land. That land belongs to four Reddy brothers. Their father apparently forgot to write his will and passed away. So then the four brothers had a dispute and they went to court. So there is some litigation on the land and hence the land remains empty. The brothers jointly gave the land to a person to stay. This person looks after the land, so he built a hut and stays there with his wife and kids. They have two dogs, few pet birds and a rooster family.

I won’t talk much about the dogs – they remain chained all the time. The birds don’t make much of a noise too. The most interesting of all of them is the rooster family and among them more so the rooster.rooster2

He has a red crown over his head and looks cute. The family walks all over the land pecking the ground for worms and grains. They look pretty funny when the rest follow the rooster all over the place. Roosters are known to crow at sunrise. But not this one. He crows whenever he feels like. Just now as I write this blog (at 10:40 am), I could hear him shouting cock-a-doodle-do. He crows at noon, at midnight and even at 2 am in the night. He is totally out of sync with the world around him. Looks like the global warming got to him too much. Sometimes he gets a bit irritating. But overall he is cute!

That’s all for today – Chow from the molecule – Only a short post today.

Cu2mrw 😉

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