Yoga – my saviour

Took a small break of a day yesterday as I had to complete a lot of work. Besides Pishi was selected for spell bee at a Literary Fest to be held in a school in Bangalore. So I had to prep him up for the same. Pishi is a brilliant boy but he lacks focus. So I have to keep chiming in to make him aware that its for his own good. Focus! That reminds me of Yoga.

Until two months back, I was a slouch. The nature of my job is such that I can’t move around too much – I am a captive , a virtual one with the web camera staring at me all the time I work. So naturally, I had health issues. Sitting is the next cancer – and I was inviting it on me. I would try and make it a point to play either badminton or cricket 30 minutes a day. But surely it wasn’t enough to compensate for 8 hours of resting my backside. My wife had joined Yoga few months back – the center was pretty close to my home. She asked me to join it and try out the trial class. I resisted a few days but finally decided to give it a try.

The first day of the class was kind of a shocker. The instructor was a young lady GoorFreet and she was like a strict teacher. I thought I almost fainted during one of the poses. Believe me, I am pretty flexible but this was not just about flexibility. It needed a lot of synchronization between the body and the mind. But it was relaxing – my body ached like hell though, that night. I registered for a 12 class session paying Rs 2000/-. Next day was ‘Asanas’ with props. An instructor names YesWant taught how to bend and stretch and hold the positions using belts, chairs and bolsters. The body pain continued. My wife said my body was getting used to it – hence the pain.


I didn’t give up and I am glad I didn’t. I felt I was getting better. I compared myself with the other students and I think I did well – if not the best. There came sessions like Hata Yoga, Core Hata Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, Shivananda Yoga, Kundalini Yoga and I went through all of them. I started loving it and when I love something, I go all out for it. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday became my Yoga days. My favorite instructors were AllBuns and ShadeYa. I met many funny new students and I will describe few of them in another post.

Its been two months now and I feel really fresh even after hours of work. To top it up I continue to play cricket or badminton with Pishi and Ramesh. Sweating out is fun!

That is all for today. Tomorrow have to get up early morning – 6:00 am for dropping Pishi to the competition. Wish he wins something for all the effort we have taken together.

Chow from the molecule

Cu2mrw 😉



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