Tunna leaves

You have probably read about Tunna the cook who worked at our home. We first employed him in May 2016 because my parents decided to stay back in Mumbai for some health reasons. That meant that I would have to look after the kids after they were back from school and serve them the food. As my wife is a working woman, she does not find the time to cook early in the morning. So we were looking for a cook who could come around the afternoon and cook lunch and dinner. Someone from my wife’s circle recommended Tunna and we called him to have a discussion. We mutually agreed for a salary of Rs 3000/- and the quantity of items he would cook.

Tunna belonged to the state of Orissa and like most people from there, he was a hard working guy. And he was a decent cook too. I started liking his cooking especially the chicken curry that he prepared. Even Ramesh the slow eater liked it a lot. Things moved around smoothly for two to three months. And then the parents returned!

My father has a lot of qualms about his food. He does not eat garlic – which is an essential component of all tasty Indian food. He has another hundred issues and complaints when someone other than his wife cooks food. It starts from the person’s looks, his hygiene (which is understandable), his style of cooking, his origin and every thing that can be complained about. Sometimes or rather most times he gets on everyone’s nerves – including mine. More about him some other day. So my father complains and my mother tries her best to imbibe the values into the cook which naturally irritates the person. Tunna however did not seem to get affected much. He learnt and grasped my mothers style of cooking too pretty well. In November my parents decided to leave again for Mumbai. Getting up early and making breakfast was getting too hectic for my wife so we asked Tunna if he could do that. Reluctantly he agreed to come around 7:00 am. He agreed for an overall salary of Rs 4500/-. Thinking backwards now, I feel this was a mistake because it led to his permanent exit.

Tunna was not so punctual in the mornings. He would come someday at 6:55 am…some day at 7:15 am..some days at 7:45 am and at least once a week he would not turn up at all. His reasons were weird ranging from ‘I was tired’, ‘Could not wake up’, ‘cycle was punctured’, ‘had an accident’ etc. We tried to reason out with him but his unpunctuality continued. Many days I had to wake up at 7:45 and get bread from the shop downstairs and make breakfast for the kids. We bore with him for many months until one day my patience gave way. I asked him if he would be able to come at 7:00 am everyday without fail. He said that he was not comfortable and said he would not be able to continue. We had to look for a new cook.

We started hunting for a new cook. Most of the ones whom we spoke to were not able to make it at 7:00 am. One guy Sajesh agreed but as luck would have it, he turned out to be Tunna’s good friend. He said that he could not make it but had a reference – enter Hashy our new cook. I was sad to see Tunna leave. He had served and fed us for almost a year. But we could not have continued with him 😦

Hopefully Hashy will be as good or even better

Chow from the molecule

Cu2mrw 😉

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