‘Abc’ T-weary

Took a break of a day from blogging – was itching to come back 🙂

I work in a company called O-ria and its a work from home remote job. That means I am a contractor employed through another intermediate company called X-O.com. So these X-O guys are pretty ruthless and demanding both in terms of capability and effort. The working model is like this – you have a program on your work computer which measures the number of mouse clicks, keyboard strokes every ten minutes along with a webcam shot and uploads it to their server. So you can find pics of yourself with awkward faces and gestures when you check the logs on the server. And these guys review every single time card before paying you the money for it. In a way, it is literally a virtual prison if you think of it. Their recruitment policy is also pretty tough, first you have to pass an online test, then a project which takes three days to complete (assuming you are smart enough to solve it after slogging out for 72 hours) and finally an interview. Needless to say most of us including me completed these steps to make it through. But some are born untalented and lucky – like ‘Abc’ T-weary.

Now I work for an extinct and outdated product called FistManager which is an email engine for bulk mailing. When I was hired, I thought I was a smart ass! Needless to say, I was wrong. Abc got hired even after not being able to complete the 3 day project. Forget completing it correctly, he could not even finish it or upload it. Still we both found each other working on the same project at the same damn salary. Hmm, so I came to know that O-ria were pretty desperate to get someone to work on FistManager and X-O was not able to find any good people, so they took the first jerk that came their way without checking his credentials. Abc was a happy go lucky guy – he had got almost a double raise – he had nothing to lose. He joined a month after me and for the next six months he kept iterating the fact that he was ‘new’ to the project and hence deserved help. Help! My foot. If you make the monkey the king of the jungle, he will jump from tree to tree, that is all that he knows! Abc consistently recorded a productivity of 1 or 2 against the required 4 per week. And strangely no one seemed to care. His dumbness was evident in the way he talked about technical stuff. I was clocking 4-5 consistently and he was clocking 1-2 – this angered me a lot that we had to do with the same salary but there was so much difference in the quality and output of work.

A year passed! We had a new manager from Malta who was a taskmaster. Within the next 6 months, he figured out that Abc was a nut. Smartly he transferred him to a new project called Herio. Abc’s luck had taken a wrong turn. The new project manager Mucchad was an even big taskmaster. He quickly understood that Abc was a time waster and there was no hope. He would continuously nag him and scold him and sometimes even threaten him. BUT, even then he continued with Abc. Now I really fail to understand – there must be something special about him – and its something that only great people can see, mortals like me cannot 😀

That’s all for today – chow from the molecule.

Cu2mrw 😉

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