Ramesh – the slow eater

In 2010, we had our second baby, a girl whom I call Ramesh. When the nurse gave me the baby in my arms it was an amazing experience – she looked like a pink juicy tomato. She had spent the complete 9 months in her mom’s womb unlike Pishi who was born 20 days premature and hence looked like a baby monkey.

Till the age of 1, she was a decent eater and had no qualms about eating. Somewhere between the age of 1 and 2, the problem began. Ramesh lost interest in eating food. Feeding her became a rigorous punishment for whoever attempting it. Since everyone else started giving up on it, the onus was on me to make her eat. Breakfast would take an hour, lunch and dinner more than two hours. We had to scare her, scold her, praise her and bribe her – but the kid just refused to swallow the food. She would fill up her mouth with all that we pushed in and keep it in a corner of her mouth.

However, all this was true only for vegetarian food. Come non vegetarian food like chicken and fish, Ramesh had no complaints.. no ruminating like cattle any more. Same was true about chocolate, ice cream, cakes, chips, oily and fried food – basically all junk and unhealthy food.

The problem still continues – Ramesh is an extremely slow eater. Even now breakfast takes more than 30 mins and has to be forced in on occasions. She is very choosy about food and there is a very small subset of healthy food that can be fed without complaints. We are left to innovate with different styles and types of cooking to make it interesting for her.

Pishi on the other hand is extremely easy going as far as eating is concerned. He eats almost everything that is served to him – no questions asked. In fact he is quite the opposite and eats like a gluttony caterpillar to the extent that he regularly faces stomach problems.

Do you face similar issues feeding your kids? Any suggestions on what could be done to improve the situation are welcome, please leave your comments.

Today is Saturday. I have to visit the temple. And then may be go for a quiet dinner with family. I am sure Ramesh will love that food – she always does.

Chow from the molecule

Cu2mrw 😉

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