The ‘Nepotism rocks’ controversy

It is 5:00 p.m and I just dropped my son for his swimming class and that means its time for the confused molecule to impart his daily dose of ‘gyaan’ (knowledge).

So let us talk about one of the most useless hot topic that is raging around in Bollywood. The flow of events goes like this:

A few months back, Miss Mangana Runout, a popular Bollywood actor was on a talk show called Koffee with Charan. There she lambasted Mr/Miss (or God knows what it is)  Charan for nepotism. Later in an award show, Charan teamed up with 2 other morons, Waif and Morun, to take a dig at Mangana and shouted out ‘Nepotism Rocks’. A few days later, moron Waif wrote an open letter to apologize to Mangana – but being the jackass that he is, he ended up saying “talent is in the genes”. Whoa! How apologetic!?

Firstly, I don’t know why this has become the talking point of all the magazines, websites and blogs. A quick Google search will reveal hundreds of results of the fight between these dumb asses.

So what do I think? Umm, I think when your movies are not getting noticed and you are dying for attention, your best chance at that is to say something controversial. And all the media people will flock like bees and start asking you for your reasons and opinions. Why only you, they will ask your parents, relatives, friends, neighbors, even your pet and all those whom you would have remotely interacted 20 years ago. That’s how Indian media is – crazy and stupid. So Mangana’s last movie flopped so badly that she felt the stir up a controversy and get her share of limelight this way.

Coming to Charan and his band of dodos. Charan, being the progeny of a successful producer, is a fairly successful director and producer himself. He is however known for his useless remarks, overbearing comments, getting into trouble with even close friends. But he is like the crocodile in the pond and Mangana dared to get on his wrong side. So never mind, Charan being the sore loser he is, got his revenge by collecting the two gaffoons and hitting out at Mangana in a public forum.

Lastly, Mr Waif’s comment about talent being in the genes. I find this the funniest. If that was true, Waif Kan would have been in Fah Ruk Kan’s place and Waif would not have been such a hopeless actor. And even if that is true, Mr Waif should be the last person on earth saying this – because he certainly has none in his genes!

Time for yoga classes. Chow from the molecule!

Cu2mrw 😉


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