A Molecule’s confusion

Confusion and indecisiveness should be my middle name. And that’s precisely why I call myself ‘The Confused Molecule’. I always hesitate at important junctions. Changing a job – hesitation, changing location – hesitation, starting a blog site – damn, I hesitated a year even to get started with this site. However, today while doing my part-time investing cum trading in stocks, I earned a good buck, so decided to spend a few dollars (38$ to be precise) and got this website for myself. Good, ain’t it?

I had been thinking of this for over a year now. But then, who will write something each day, review it and then spend on making it popular… same story cut short, not sure about taking the decision. I have dabbled with many web based ideas in the last few months, a gold and diamond social e-commerce site, a food recipe site, more than one things in the medical domain but nothing really took off. But today, something got into me and I decided to go for it.

So this site is meant to be a bit of everything – my life, my close ones, my interests, social issues, day to day happenings, … and let’s see how it goes! Readers will get to know what goes inside the mind of a 30+ father of two.

That’s all for today. Happy to have started this finally.

Chow from the Molecule.

Cu2mrw 😉

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