The Birthday Cake

Last week on the 7th of August, we celebrated Dya's (my wife's) birthday. I never celebrated any of my birthdays until I got married - at least I never cut a cake until then. But the last 10 years, we celebrate each family member's birthday with a cake and the usual birthday song. Dya started... Continue Reading →

The Untimely Rooster

I stay very near to the school which my kids go to. Its a hop skip and jump to school. Between the school and my home is an empty plot of land. That land belongs to four Reddy brothers. Their father apparently forgot to write his will and passed away. So then the four brothers... Continue Reading →

A trip to the Land of Kings – II

The trip of Rajasthan continues... We drove from Jodhpur to a desert camp in a place called Manwar. On the way we met villagers who stay in the barren land. The occupation of most people is blacksmithery. I captured a picture of the cute baby in the village. The sunset en route to the camp... Continue Reading →

Yoga – my saviour

Took a small break of a day yesterday as I had to complete a lot of work. Besides Pishi was selected for spell bee at a Literary Fest to be held in a school in Bangalore. So I had to prep him up for the same. Pishi is a brilliant boy but he lacks focus.... Continue Reading →

Tunna leaves

You have probably read about Tunna the cook who worked at our home. We first employed him in May 2016 because my parents decided to stay back in Mumbai for some health reasons. That meant that I would have to look after the kids after they were back from school and serve them the food. As... Continue Reading →

The KenKen Exam

One fine day, last year Pishi came back home from school with a small book in his hand. It was a book about KenKen puzzles. KenKen also known as Inkies, Mathdoku, Calcudoku, and Web Kendoku. KenKen is a puzzle created by Tetsuya Miyamoto a Japanese Mathematics teacher. Each Inky puzzle has only one unique solution. Till that date, I... Continue Reading →

‘Abc’ T-weary

Took a break of a day from blogging - was itching to come back 🙂 I work in a company called O-ria and its a work from home remote job. That means I am a contractor employed through another intermediate company called So these X-O guys are pretty ruthless and demanding both in terms... Continue Reading →

Ramesh – the slow eater

In 2010, we had our second baby, a girl whom I call Ramesh. When the nurse gave me the baby in my arms it was an amazing experience - she looked like a pink juicy tomato. She had spent the complete 9 months in her mom's womb unlike Pishi who was born 20 days premature... Continue Reading →

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